Weekly Bulletin 4th Feb 2019

Good evening Aikido Family,

The annual insurance renewal rush is over and hopefully you are all now fully insured to train with Aikido Shoshinkan for the duration of 2019!

Last Wednesday was the start of our annual start of the year beginners course and it was brilliant! With lots of new faces on the mats we had a strong group of students training and welcoming the newbies with great energy and enthusiasm! We were all buzzing last Wednesday! Thank you to everyone involved and helped all the new ones feel comfortable in their first classes, lets have the same again this week!

If you or a friend have missed out on the beginners course on this occasion then do not worry! Our 2nd beginners course of the year will be starting at the end of the month at the Dunkirk Dojo! I am hoping for a good turn out as I will be personally teaching this one so please spread the word about this! More info below!

Lets keep recruiting for our family!!!

See below for this years Junior Samurai Summer Camp dates and all you need to know for the upcoming weeks!


If you, or a friend, are bored of the gym, looking to get fitter, striving to become an internationally known martial artist, or just looking for a new hobby, these are the dates you need to remember! The following courses will be starting on the following dates:

  • Lenton Dojo : Every Tuesday : 26th Feb 2019 – 26th March 2019 : 19:30pm – 20:30pm
  • Beginners courses in Sneinton (Nottingham) Dojo and the Derby Dojo started last week and it is not too late to start aikido with a slow paced, comfortable block of classes!

    This is a course perfectly designed for a beginner to transit in to a fully paced regular class. With the focus being on the absolute fundamentals, anyone can benefit from these classes, even a seasoned black belt! This year will include an element of self-defence too! All courses will cost a fee of £60 for the 5 weeks.

    The class is open for all existing members and we encourage you to come and help with the beginners and revise the basics for yourself too!

    Please spread the word and help our Aikido Family grow!

    The junior class on a Wednesday evening from 6:00pm – 7:00pm in the Sneinton Dojo is a great opportunity for juniors of ALL LEVELS to train in a larger space enabling the prospect of practicing more dynamic, difficult throws and improving your aikido experience. The space we have at this Dojo can be 4 times the size of that in the Dunkirk Dojo when all of the mats are utilized. Personally this is also an important class for me as I start to teach more of my own classes and hope to continue to grow as a teacher and role model for the students and your children.

    This is also a good class for the juniors with hopes of moving on to the adult classes in the future as it is immediately followed by a beginners level adult class which would eventually be ideal for them to transition between the classes. It is already a possibility for some juniors to stay on the mats for the adult class if the instructors deem the student as ready.

    See the attached document for the long awaited brand new cadet’s syllabus’s!
    Note that the cadets will grade at the same time as adults; helping them transition from junior classes in to adults.

    The date’s for this years annual junior Samurai Summer Camp have been confirmed as: Friday 9th August – Sunday 11th August.
    The price has been set at £150 per junior and with places in high demand we advise you let your interest known ASAP.
    There will be structured payment plans available.

    More information to follow later in the year- stay tuned

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