Tadashi Narita
成田 正

Head Instructor of Aikido Shoshinkan

5th Dan Aikido

Tadashi Narita Sensei is head instructor of Aikido Shoshinkan, and main instructor in Nottingham dojo. He has trained for many years training in Japan and around the world with many of the high ranking “Shihan” and instructors. He is a direct student under Joe Thambu Shihan. full profile >>

Tad Narita

Rowan Garton

Senior Instructor / Head Junior Instructor

2nd Dan Aikido

Rowan started training in 2014 and one of few students who have completed the dojosei program and works as an uchideshi (live-in student) at the dojo. He is lead instructor for the junior class, and assists the running of the club on daily basis. He is a full time students and you will always find him at the class.full profile >>

Rowan Garton

Leah Summers

Assistant Instructor / Junior instructor

1st kyu Aikido

Leah sensei has started training from junior grades and the first home grown female instructor from our junior program. She is often seen running the junior programs accross Nottingham Dojo and Derby dojos, as well as running the after school clubs. She is one of the exciting young generation of instructors who is keen to show what you can achieve from starting Aikido at young age. full profile >>


Robin Ward

Assistant Instructor Nottingham Dojo

1st Dan Aikido

Robin has been training at the Aikido Shoshinkan for over 5 years and he is one of the core members of the club. He has won best demonstration and numerous other awards in the Annual Aikido Shoshinkan Demonstration over the years. He trains and assists at the Nottingham Dojo. full profile >>

Robin Ward