If you are a human being, which I assume that you are, since you have the ability to read this, you are biologically designed to enjoy exercise and moving your body. If you don’t enjoy coming to the Dojo or going to the gym and doing exercise, then something is wrong.

Maybe pain causes you to disengage in your exercise. Maybe you see no progress so you lack motivation. Maybe what you are doing is too easy or too hard. These are things that will suck the enjoyment out of your workout. We need to bring a refined focus to the journey and not the goal. Paradoxically, this will help you achieve your goals quicker. If you cannot find enjoyment, you cannot find consistency. Without consistency you cannot achieve your goals.

You only get one body in this life and no one is going to look after it apart from you… and the right Personal Trainer. Everybody is different and there is no such thing as a one size fits all model when it comes to fitness and the human body.

Whether you want to get stronger, fitter, or compliment your aikido training and take your techniques to the next level with balance and core work, we can tailor a program suitable for you, your needs, and your lifestyle. There is no room for excuses as we offer flexible training plans made to fit around your unique lifestyle and routines. We offer personalised, tailored programs designed to be both efficient and fun for whatever it is you and your body would like to achieve.
We will work around you.

Work with us to find what works best for you and stop wasting your time doing inefficient exercises and convincing yourself of obstacles that only exist in your mind.

Get in touch for a chat/consultation and the journey to a new, fitter, you can begin.

Contact: Rowan Garton: 07583525936 or rowan@aikidoshoshinkan.com