Class Schedule

Day Class Time Class Type Location
Monday 7pm – 8pm Regular Class Nottingham Dojo
Monday 8pm – 9pm Advanced Class Nottingham Dojo
Tuesday 7:30pm – 8:30pm Test Practice / Special Class Lenton Dojo
Tuesday 8pm – 9pm Weapons / Self Defense Class Lenton Dojo
Wednesday 6am – 8am Black Belt Class Nottingham Dojo
Wednesday 7pm – 8pm Beginner’s Class Nottingham Dojo
Wednesday 8pm – 9pm Advanced Class Nottingham Dojo
Thursday 8:30pm – 9:30pm Ladies Class Nottingham Dojo
Friday 6am – 8am Black Belt Class Lenton Dojo
Saturday 12pm – 1pm Regular Class Lenton Dojo
Saturday 1pm – 2pm Advanced “Kenshu” Class Lenton Dojo
Sunday No Classes

Class Key

  • Beginners Class: Suited to all Beginners and all levels, focusing strongly on basic foundation and basic techniques.
  • Advanced Class: Suited for students 3rd kyu and above covering advanced techniques, applied techniques and dynamic movements.
  • Special Class: Suited to beginners and all levels. Covering Weapons, Self Defence, Focused Class and Test Practice. The class topic changes weekly.
  • Black Belt Class: Suited for Black Belts only. Covering Dan grade syllabus, self defence, applied techniques and Jiyuwaza.

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