Class Schedule

Day Class Time Class Type Location
Monday 7pm – 8pm Adult Junior Mixed Class Sunnyhill
Monday 7pm – 8pm Regular Class Sunnyhill
Thursday 6pm – 7pm Junior Class Sunnyhill
Thursday 7pm – 8pm Adult Junior Mixed Class Sunnyhill
Thursday 8pm – 9pm Regular Class Sunnyhill

Class Key

  • Junior Class: Suited to all juniors from 5 years old upwards. Focusing on discipline, etiquette and basic foundation skills and techniques.
  • Adult & Junior Mixed Class: Suited to juniors who are 12 years and above. Mixing with adults focusing on basic foundation and adult syllabus up to 4th kyu.
  • Special Class: Suited to beginners and all levels. Covering Weapons, Self Defence, Focused Class and Test Practice.