RowanRowan Garton

Uchideshi / Assistant Instructor : Nottingham & Derby Dojo

1st kyu Aikido

Rowan’s aikido experience began in 2014 with the start of year beginners course. Rowan quickly fell in love with the intensive cultivation of both body and spirit that is synonymous with Yoshinkan style aikido. Being an already physically active individual with an inquiring mind, that would soon be studying Philosophy, Ethics, & Religion at university, aikido was perfect for him.

However, moving to Leeds for university was not going to stop this young and driven student. He trained at every homecoming and completed an Uchideshi/Dojosei program (live-in student program) for the period of 10 weeks in 2016 as work experience for his degree. This was a rigorous training period with extreme training on most days of the 10 weeks. Grading under Joe Thambu Shihan to 3rd kyu encapsulated the experience, as this was just as terrifying as it was honorable. In November of the same year Rowan took part in Aikido Shoshinkan’s auspicious 10 year anniversary demonstration in the forms of both Chief Instructor, Narita Sensei’s, Uke, as well as performing Aiki-Ken (Sword Demonstration) himself.

Currently you will find Rowan predominantly teaching the junior classes as he strives to lead by example for the younger generation. Assisting with the adult classes is also in his job description as he endeavors to achieve his black belt in December this year.

Rowan has attended seminars by many prestigious instructors such as Joe Thambu Shihan, Tsutomu Chida Shihan, and Robert Mustard Shihan, as well as travelling as far as Poland to further his knowledge of aikido – with Australia and Aikido Shudokan in his sights!

Please have no hesitations in approaching Rowan for any help, answers, or advice as it will please him just as much to be of help.