Rowan Garton

Uchideshi / Assistant Instructor : Nottingham & Derby Dojo

1st dan Aikido

Rowan’s aikido experience began in 2014 with the start of year beginners course and he quickly fell in love with the intense style of training and cultivation of mind and body that is synonymous with Yoshinkan (the “hard style”) Aikido. You knew Rowan was serious about the art when he repeatedly trained throughout his time studying at university and began choosing the mats over the football field.

During his time at university , in 2016, Rowan completed a 10 week work experience period on an uchi-deshi/dojosei program. This is a traditional role in Japanese Dojo’s of immense responsibilities which include not missing any classes, assisting and teaching junior classes, and many other duties around the Dojo; on and off the mats! This is a role Rowan also assumed for a much greater period of 8 months in 2017 as a full time position after graduating. This experience helped Rowan achieve Shodan (Black Belt) in December 2017.

In November 2016 Rowan took part in Aikido Shoshinkan’s auspicious 10 year anniversary demonstration in the forms of both: chief instructor, Narita Sensei’s, Uke (partner), as well as performing an Aiki-Ken (Wooden Sword) demonstration himself. Rowan’s aikido experience is vast, despite his young age, having been present in multiple seminars from prestigious instructors such as; Joe Thambu Shihan, Tsutomu Chida Shihan, and Robert Mustard Shihan. He has also travelled as far as Poland to further his knowledge at seminars and has trained in Brazil with various teachers too.

Today you can find Rowan teaching every Tuesday adult class and junior classes on Wednesday’s and Friday’s. Being involved in the after school programme and rarely missing a days training, it will be hard not to see him around – don’t be afraid to ask for help or approach him for anything!