3rd Annual Aikido Demonstration Round up News

Nottingham Dojo

2013 Aikido Shoshinkan 3rd Annual Demonstration was held on the 24th November 2014 in Nottingham on cold afternoon. This year we had this exciting event held on last day of a 4 day long seminar with Joe Thambu Shihan (Australia) and Mark Hadiarja sensei (Indonesia). It was very auspicious event to have our chief instructor to take part in our demonstration, as well as countless instructors from around the world. It was a shorter demonstration compared to the previous years as the demonstration was performed only by the senior students. But this made our demonstration even more sharp, focused and dynamic… Everyone who took part showed great skills they have been practicing on the mat over the last month. Here are some of the great demonstrations from everyone.

Kihon Dosa Renzoku (基本動作連続) : performed by all the senior students from Aikido Shoshinkan Nottingham and Derby. Kihon Dosa Renzoku is a set of basic movements practiced continuously. This is ususually practiced and demonstrated by the Senshusei/Tokyo Riot Police Course students in the annual Yoshinkan demonstration in Japan.

Aikiken (合気剣) Demonstration : performed by Stephen Flaherty, Robin Ward, Justin Saunders and Thinesh Krishnamoorthy from Aikido Shoshinkan Nottingham. Aikido comesfrom the days of the Samurai to defend oneself from the sword. This demonstration shows the development of the art of the sword to the art of Aikido. This is practiced regularly in the classes to learn the timing and focus of the aikido.

Kankyuwaza (緩急技):performed by students from Ryushinkan Dojo in London headed by Sarah Cullerne Sensei (4th Dan). This is a demonstration fast and slow, showing the slow basic technique practiced in Aikido, to fast and more practical application of the same technique. This is one of the key demonstrations of Yoshinkan Aikido.

Mark Farr Sensei Demonstration:Mark Farr sensei from Aikido Shoshinkan Derby Dojo. His Uke : Phillip Wells, and William Anthony Rea. Mark Farr sensei has been practicing Aikido for over 15 years, and he has joined Aikido Shoshinkan in 2009. He is performing a weapon demonstration of Aikijo ( Jo Staff) Set of Jo staff techniques and jiyuwaza (Free and Random techniques).

Tadashi Narita Sensei Demonstration:Tadashi Narita sensei from Aikido Shoshinkan Nottingham Dojo. His Uke : Mateusz Cendorowski, Stephen Flaherty. Tadashi Narita Sensei is head and chief instructor of Aikido Shoshinkan. He has travelled around the world to train with various top instructors. He is perfoming Tanto (Knife) jiyuwaza and Ushiro Ryotemochi Jiyuwaza (Rear Hand grab).

Sarah Cullerne Sensei Demonstration:Sarah Cullerne Sensei has been practicing Aikido for over 25 years and one of the senior female instructors of Aikido Shudokan organisation. With a wealth of knowledge, there is a great focus, grace and flare in her Aikido. And she is a very sought after instructor in UK. Her ukes are : Azi Malik, and James Sanders. She is performing a Ushiro Ryotemochi Jiyuwaza (Rear hand grab) and Kata mochi jiyuwaza (Shoulder grab).

Mark Hadiarja Sensei Demonstration:Uke : Mateusz Cendrowski, Marcin Woijeck and Justin Saunders, . Mark Hadiarja Sensei (4th Dan) is the chief instructor of Aikido Shoshinkan Indonesia. He has started training under Joe Thambu Shihan in 1998, and have been training Aikido ever since. He is also one of the senior instructors of the organisation and very sought after instructor. He is displaying a range of jiyuwaza front kneeling, standing from various attacks.

Joe Thambu Shihan (総合解説演武)

This is a final explanatory demonstration by Joe Thambu Shihan (7th Dan). Uke : Daniel Felisiak, Marcin Wojicek, Sarah Cullerne, Tadashi Narita. This demonstration is explained throuhout to show Joe Thambu Shihan’s 40 plus years of experience in Aikido. This really brings all the previous demonstration toegther, as it shows the mastery of the art by Joe Thambu Shihan who is one of the best instructors in the world.

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