Beginners Class

Every Monday @ 6:30 – 7:30

Nottingham Dojo

The Beginners Class is designed specifically for people who have never tried Aikido or Martial arts. Or for any people who are looking to come back to Aikido after a long break. We will focus on all of the basics such as Ukemi (falls), Kihon dosa (Basic Movements) and Kamae (stance).

The class will be very open and welcoming compared to any other class, and how you want to progress is up to you! We have an “up to you” policy where you progress as you feel comfortable, so you can discover your aikido at your own pace.

It will generally take about 4 – 6 beginners lesson to cover all the basics, and should be ready to move on to the regular class, but if you decide to carry on at the beginners class, you can stay as long as you want. Also we regularly provide 4 weeks Beginners Course specifically for all newcomers, where everyone can progress as a group which has been very popular. If you are interested in Beginners course please look out for the new posts on the website, or please enquire further by email or call on 07843 600645.

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