2nd Annual Demonstration Round Up News

2nd Aikido Shoshinkan Annual Demonstration Round Up

Nottingham Dojo

2013 Aikido Shoshinkan 2nd Annual Demonstration was held on the 8th December 2013 in Nottingham. This year, we had a great support from all the dojos around the country participating in this event, and it was becoming a national event!

The dojos participating were : Goshinkan Dojo from Stafford headed by Jay Savery sensei (4th Dan), Ryushinkan Dojo from London Hatfield headed by Sarah Cullerne sensei (4th Dan), Eiryukan Dojo from Lincoln headed by Neville Coupland sensei (3rd Dan) and Dan Hollway sensei (2nd Dan), And one from as far away as Shudokan Poland Dojo headed by Daniel Felisiak sensei (3rd Dan).

The demonstration started with “Kihon Dosa Renzoku” which is one of the key performance demos performed by all participants from juniors to seniors counting over 50 plus students! And it was an impressive one indeed. It was quickly followed by range of demonstrations from juniors and seniors collecting some big woos and wows from the crowd.

Juniors had various demonstrations and competitions from “Inter Dojo Cup”, competed amongst different dojos for the best junior demonstration, to “Inter-School Championship”, which was a competition to select the best afterschool club.

Senior demonstration had some impressive demonstrations from each dojo, performing each key performances such as “Aiki-Ken” (Swords), “Tanto Soho” (Dagger), “Kankyuwaza”(Fast-Slow Demo) which was sharp and effortlessly excecuted by all participants. The main event of the Kihon Waza Championship was a fierce competition between each dojos. It was a tense 3 rounds of close competition between each participants.

The instructors finished the event with some of their impressive and fluid demonstration to show their skills and years of experience. There were lots of woos and wows from the crowd and the juniors, who were mesmorised by the demonstration.

It was a fantastic display of skill and discipline by everyone. I hope it was a proud moment for all the parents and family, who came to see all the hard work everyone has put in to make the demonstration a success! Thank you to everyone who took part and see you next year for something even more spectacular!

Demonstration Results and Highlights

Juniors Catergories

Inter Dojo Cup

  • Winner : Nottingham Shoshinkan Dojo
  • Inter School Championship

  • Winner : Dunkirk Primary school B (Thursday Class)
  • Runner-up : Dunkirk Primary School A (Wednesday Class)
  • 3rd Place : Derby High School (Junior School Class)
  • Seniors Catergories

    Best Demonstration

  • Winner : Kankyuwaza Demonstration (Nottingham Shoshinkan)
  • Kihon Waza Chamiponship

  • Winner : Azi Malik – Andrew Marunchak (London Ryushinkan)
  • Runner-Up : Robin Ward – Richard Baldwin (Nottingham Shoshinkan)
  • 3rd Place : Juriy Arlachov – Justin Saunders (Nottingham Shoshinkan)
  • Shoshinkan Student of the Year 2013

  • Junior Student of the year : Scott Barnfield
  • Senior Student of the year : Doratha Vinkemeier, Robeena Ahmad
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    Nottingham Dojo

    Nottingham Dojo

    Nottingham Dojo

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