Joe Thambu Shihan on the Blitz Magazine

Our technical director Joe Thambu shihan is on the cover of Blitz Magazine

Nottingham Dojo

Congratulations to Joe Thambu shihan for being covered on the front page for the Blitz Magazine. Joe Thambu shihan is our technical director of Aikido Shoshinkan, and our inspirational teacher. There is a full 4 page article on his life as Aikidoka. He celebrates 40 years in Aikido since he started at the tender age of 11.

In combination with his teacher Master Thamby Rajah (Father of Malaysian Aikido) celebrating his 60 years in Aikido, he is celebrating 100 years in total this year. You can read some of the article on the link here. But if you get a chance please get a copy of the magazine and have a good read on his great life of Aikido.

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