Kagami Biraki : First Day of Training

Nottingham Dojo

Kagami Briarki is a traditional Japanese way to open the year with the ceremony to wish for a prosperous year. Since we are moving to a new location and new dojo, this is the perfect opportunity to start the training and wish for a good year for our dojo.

The class will be held as per normal but unlike the classes before the class will be held for 1 hour 30 mins without break. There will be some demonstration at the end to finish the class in ceremonial style.

We have been very lucky to use the Zanshin dojo in Sneinton, run by Sensei Simon Oliver. We will be sharing the floor space with sensei Oliver on all adults classes. Please show the courtesy as you would when you are visiting other dojos.


Zanshin Dojo (Sneinton Hermitage Community Centre)
Sneinton Boulevard

Date and Time

9th January 2012 @ 7pm – 8:30pm