Aikido Yoshinkan Syllabus

The instructors at Aikido Shoshinkan follow the grading syllabus released by Yoshinkan Honbu. All dan grades are registered with the Aikido Yoshinkai Federation (AYF) and are recorded at Yoshinkan headquarters in Japan and are recognised by affiliated AYF clubs.

Shoshinkan students can be assured that this enables them to train at any Yoshinkan dojo around the world (see the worldwide AYF dojo listings).

The Aikido Shoshinkan syllabus covers the entire Yoshinkan Honbu syllabus as set by Yoshinkan Honbu in May of each year. Gradings aim to mirror the same format, syllabus and standards set out by Joe Thambu Shihan of Aikido Shudokan Melbourne.

Aikido Shoshinkan Syllabus 2009

8th-4th Kyu Syllabus pdf3rd-1st Kyu Kyu Syllabus pdfShodan Syllabus pdfYudan Syllabus pdf

Click on the above image to open and download the syllabus as a pdf.

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