What can I say about aikido!! A beautiful martial art. I have only been here a few months,a mere novice when compared to the experience of the other students. I cannot believe the time has flown by.i should have taken up the martial art a few years ago, I was literally not interested. I tell you what, I regret not taking it up when I had that chance. Until a few years ago I have never heard of this martial art, it just came out of the blue.

First time I did a trial lesson, I stood at the entrance door not daring to walk in, I was met by tad sensei who gave me a warm greeting. I wasn’t nervous, it was more apprehension. After the trial lesson I knew I wanted to come back. As soon as I stepped off the mat, I was eagerly approached by some of the students, most martial arts disciplines, you wont get that, it is all about the mean look and impatience of toughening you up. they gave me a smile and explained very humbly that they were once beginners just to encourage me, even to this day I have not forgotten that.


It is a martial art that if you miss a day once you step back on the mat, you wish you hadn’t missed it, the martial art is that good. Another encouraging thing is the beginners mind philosophy. sensei tad has taught us that, regardless of what level you are at, act as if you were a beginner, as if it is your first day. what more can you say!

I have studied law, anyone who knows about the subject will know how mentally draining it is. Aikido more than matches it. You need a strong memory and will power. It is a crash course in learning the Japanese language.


It disciplines you to respect your fellow human being, not to think you are better than anybody else and to learn how to be humble, I am a great advocate of this, BE HUMBLE!! it also alleviates empty pride. Bowing to sensei and each other, is a great example to set, I absolutely love this form of etiquette. this also removes the superiority complex.


In appreciation of this martial art, My contribution to aikido is being warm friendly and down to earth, I am a people type of person I enjoy seeing people and their cultures and how they interact. when I say cultures, I am speaking about, European, Asian and so on. the dojo is rich with this type of diversity. i am now a new edition British Jamaican.


If we can encourage anyone to come to the dojo and be a part of this wonderful martial art, think about all the testimonials that you read. also be encouraged that sensei tad is a premier instructor along with the other instructors, he has trained.if you decide to make the first step into aikido, always remember we the students @ all levels were once nervous, couldn’t focus, was overwhelmed by the environment etc.

Why did I choose this dojo, it was a gut instinct, it is also true to say you do get personal attention.it is amazing how sensei tad has such a circular vision and steps in without warning to correct or demonstrate. there are dojos that have a lot of students. I don’t like crowds. I am more interested in quality more than quantity. The sneinton dojo it is guaranteed you will receive that. Be @ peace

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