Shoshinkan Aikido at Radford Primary School

Since September 2011 sensei Tad has demonstrated and taught Shoshinkan Aikido at Radford Primary School. Radford is a diverse community with lots of different cultures and backgrounds. And with these differences sometimes comes misunderstanding. This can sometimes lead to Anti social behaviour and violence.


Sensei Tad has given lots of our children the opportunity to better themselves through self discipline and dedication. His commitment to our children through Aikido has been greatly acknowledged by teachers and parents. It has given our children a place to practice and learn a skill, a place to keep active and have fun with friends, somewhere everyone can achieve and aspire, a place where respect is given and received, a place where our children are part of their community and get to represent it through competition.


We have had a lot of after school activities set up in our school. And for one reason or another they have stopped. But Aikido always seems to be popular and this is mainly due to the way it is taught in a friendly, safe and welcoming environment.

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