Stevef1Steve Flaherty

Instructor : Nottingham Dojo

2nd Dan Aikido

Steve started Aikido in 2005 under sensei Damon and shortly after joined the Aikido Shoshinkan to further his study of Aikido. He has been the regular and most dedicated student at the dojo since the start. He is one of few students who have been consistently part of the senior classes and morning “Black Belt Class” where the class starts at 6am in the morning.

Steve has trained under many famous instructors such as Joe Thambu Shihan, Robert Mustard Shihan, and Jon Marshall sensei and regularly attends many seminars every year to further his knowledge of Aikido.

His dedication and sacrifice were paid off when he was graded to Shodan (1st Dan) at the 1st Annual Aikido Shoshinkan Demonstration weekend in December 2012, where he was graded by Joe Thambu Shiahn (7th Dan) and Enrica Cheung Sensei (4th Dan).

He currently is an assisting instructor for adults and junior classes as well as being a full time Aikido student. He regularly sacrifices his time on weekends to teach the juniors and you will see him helping and assisting the adults classes on regular basis.