How to: Calender and RSS Feed

There are a number of new features on the website, which people may find quite useful but may not be aware of yet.

Class schedule and other events:

The “Classes” page contains a calendar listing the class schedule. This is posted using Google Calendar, which means that you can check for information on this week’s classes, such as what is the specialised class on that Saturday and also information for events later on in the year. You can choose different calendar views; day, week, month etc. If you click on an entry in the calendar it will give you more information, including the location of the class. When you do this, there is also a link to a map showing you exactly where the class or event will be held.

The calendar will be updated regularly, so it is worth checking back when you can. An easy way to do this is to sync the dojo calendar with your own calendar that you use at home or work. You can do this very easily if you use Apple’s iCal, Mozilla Sunbird, Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar, by clicking on the small icon in the bottom right of the dojo calendar (as shown below).
Google Calendar Button

As class times or events are updated, they will be added or modified automatically and appear along with events within your own calendar (as shown below).

Google Calendar

Getting new information or articles through RSS feed:

RSS Button Off

On the Homepage you will see an icon like the image here on the left located in the “What’s New?” section.

If you place your mouse pointer over this, it will change to orange and when you click on this you will be presented with a number of options that will allow you to receive information from the site automatically as it is posted. This can be through a live bookmark or through applications like Google Reader.

Don’t worry too much if you don’t use these new features, as any important details will be relayed to you as normal nearer the time.

What the new features provide is added convenience to anyone who already uses, or is planning to use, a calendar on their computer – or RSS feeds. It also allows you to look ahead and plan for any events in advance. If you are having any problems using these features, please let us know.

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