Aikido Event Calendar 2016

Here are the main events in our Aikido club calendar. Please keep these dates in your calendar for your reference.

  • 24th March : Adults Intermediate Grading (Derby)
  • 25th May : Adults All Grade grading (Nottingham)
  • 12th June : 5th Annual Midland Junior Tournament
  • 2nd July : Junior Grading (Nottingham)
  • 28th July : Adults Intermediate grading (Derby)
  • 30th – 31st July Adults Yudan Shinsa with Joe Thambu Shihan/Seminar
  • 5th -7th Aug : 4th Annual Junior Samurai Summer Camp
  • 24th – 28th Aug : UK Summer School (To be Confirmed)
  • 28th Sept : Adults All Grade grading (Nottingham)
  • 5th – 6th Nov : 10th Anniversary Demonstration / Seminar
  • 17th Dec : Xmas Party (Junior / Senior)
  • 21st Dec : Adults All Grade grading (Nottingham)

    There will also be add hoc seminars and inter dojo trainings with other clubs. We will keep you posted nearer the dates for those events.