January is on us!!

Special January offer!!

We have some fantastic offers in Janauary 2014 for people old and new at the Aikido Shoshinkan.
If you can’t wait for the beginners course, and get on with your new year’s resolution…. I have a perfect offer for you.

If you sign up with us this month, the January fees will be completely on us! You will need to sign up for minimum of 2 months, but you will get one month training completely FREE!.

You can train as much as you want ,or little as you want and you can work your training around your schedule with classes available daily. Also the 6 WEEK BEGINNERS COURSE is part of this package! So it’s an offer not to be missed!

Don’t be late to get stuck in to your new 2014, come and join us now!

Offer ends on 31st January

How to get your free month of training

  • Contact us on Facebook / Twitter / or by email
  • Register with us now with Paypal
  • You get free month of January training!
  • Get on the mat for training!

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