1st Aikido Shoshinkan Annual Demonstration

1st Aikido Shoshinkan Annual Demonstration

Nottingham Dojo

We are very pleased and excited to announce out first annual Aikido demonstration of our club on the 2nd December 2012. We have been running our club for 8 years, and we have grown to become one of the premier Aikido schools in Nottingham and Derby. Aikido does not have any competitions as such, but this is our opportunity to show the art of Aikido to the public.

This will be our first opportunity for all of our students from juniors, afterschool clubs and adults to show their skills and dedication and all that time away from home. So I hope there will be lots of support from friends and families of all the students taking part. I have put down the tentative programme to wet your appetite, and also please watch the videos from the webiste to see what you can expect from the demonstration.

Demonstration Programme


  • All Junior Ukemi Demonstration
  • All schools Aikido demonstration championship
  • All Juniors Derby and Nottingham demonstration championship
  • Junior High Grades “Fast and Furious” Demonstration
  • Adults

  • Kihon Dosa / Kanrenwaza Demonstration
  • Kankyuwaza Demonstration
  • Kihonwaza Championship
  • Team Jiyuwaza Demonstration
  • Instructors Demonstration
  • Ken Soho (Bokken Demo)
  • Tanto Soho (Dagger Demo)
  • Joe Thambu Shihan Demonstration
  • The demonstration will start from 1pm after the seminar which will be held on the same weekend, and the demonstration will involve guest instructors from other dojos, including Joe Thambu Shihan (7th dan) and Enrica Cheung sensei (4th Dan) from Australia.

    We currently have no information on the venue, but we will update you further with some more information and the schedule for the day in the near future.

    • Emquiries @ : Tel 07843600645 or admin@aikidoshoshinkan.com
  • Time and Date

    • 2nd Dec 2012 @ 12pm – 3:30pm
  • Location

      Harvey Hadden Sports Complex
      Wigman Road
      NG8 4PB

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