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Bored of going to the gym? having problem motivating yourself to go to do anything? Want to do something meaningful and interesting..?

We may have the answer for you….

We have started beginners classes for people with no aikido or martial arts experience. The class is taken slowly by an instructor at the speed YOU feel most comfortable. We will take classes in small groups to create a safe and relaxing environment.

The class is suitable for all ages and sex. The class is constructed so that people can learn all the basic skills you need to move on to the regular class. This class is run on permanent basis so you don’t have to worry about missing a class or two. You can come back to the next class, and take it from where you left off!

Aikido is an effective martial art where practiced well you can overcome strength and sizes. In Japan it has been practiced by Tokyo Riot police as a compulsory training programme for over 40 years and proven to be very effective. The effectiveness is proven by the fact lots of female students are taking up on this for self defence purposes, as well as building your general fitness and confidence.

Just to make it even easier, we are currently offering a Free Trial Session for anyone who is interested in joining. So come and join us!!

If you are interested please contact Shoshinkan by e-mail, or by phone on 07843 600 645 to reserve a place.

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