Sensei Joe’s seminar with the Juniors

Nottingham Dojo

This was the first time sensei Joe Thambu ( our technical director ) has taken the class for the juniors. Nearly 40 juniors turned up from both Nottingham and Derby dojo all excited to see sensei Joe. Although everyone was very excited about the class, there seemed to have been a bit of tension in the air from the juniors as they seemed nervous…. As soon as the class started juniors never moved so quick!!! As they got into the training.

The juniors showed a great spirit and energy throughout the class as they It was a fantastic occassion and great atmosphere. Sensei Joe was very impressed with all the juniors and he is very excited to come back next year to teach everyone some more.

Thank you for all the juniors and the parents to come and support the event and we are looking forward to doing another one next year!


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