Beginners Course – Starts 11th October 2010

Period : 5 week course Mon 6:30 -7:30pm, Starting 11/10/2010 ending 8/11/2010

Fee : £30

Brief : This beginners course is an introduction which covers the basics of Aikido, and acts as a stepping stone into the normal classes. The course is limited to 20 places and it will be held in our Nottingham dojo in Lenton.

The class will be taken at a very gentle pace, and therefore suitable for all ages. It is designed that by the end of the course everyone would be able to join the regular classes.

This is ideal for anyone who is interested in Aikido, or any martial arts who would like to experience what it is all about without making a big commitment.

If you are interested please contact Shoshinkan by e-mail, or phone to reserve a place.

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