Gozo Shioda Memorial Seminar

A group from the dojo attended the Gozo Shioda memorial seminar in Slough with Sensei Terry Harrison on the 19th July 2009. Sensei Terry has organised a seminar commemorating the life of Gozo Shioda for a number of years now.

Around 30-40 people from different Yoshinkan clubs attended this year’s seminar at the Tatsumaki dojo.


In the morning, a large number of things were covered including kihon dosa and shomen tsuki ikkajo osae.

In the afternoon we did 31 jo kata, goshin jitsu with tanto, and ushiro techniques. Sensei Terry emphasised the importance of attacking strongly.

It was good to train with all the students who were present. Everyone who attended found the day enjoyable and informative. Thank you to Sensei Terry and all Sendokan students for inviting us and for organising the day.

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