3rd Annual Junior Aikido Tournament

We are excited to announce our “3rd Annual Inter Dojo Junior Aikido Demonstration Tournament” on the 28th June 2015 at the Nottingham dojo. Following a success from the last 2 years, we are expecting a bigger ane better event from all the Juniors from around the midlands. Juniors from Nottingham, Derby and Lincoln are coming to the represent their dojo, and compete in a demonstration competition and tournament. This is an excellent opportunity for all the juniors to show their skills they are learning every week, and also a great opportunity to interact and socialise with all the other junior aikidoka from different dojos.

Nottingham Dojo The category is divided into 2 categories of Dojo Cup, and Kihon Waza Tournament. Dojo cup is an open category free style demonstration competed between each dojo. The Kihon Waza Tournament is a knock out competition for all the juniors to work in pairs to decide the best working demonstration pair for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

Nottingham Dojo

As well as the competitions there will be plenty of fun and games in between the performances to keep juniors and parents interested! Make sure you have mark the dates and details on your calendar for the special day… and I hope you can all join our biggest junior event of the year. Osu!

If you have any inquiries please contact admin@aikidoshoshinkan.com / Tel : 07843600645

Date and Time

    • 28th June 2015 / 12:00pm – 3:00pm
  • Location

    • Zanshin Dojo,
      Sneinton Hermitage Community Centre,
      NG2 4GN
  • Fees

  • Early Bird ticket : £4.50 per person (Participants/audience)
  • Early Bird family ticket : £12
  • Tickets on the day : £5 per person (Participants/audience)
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