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Joe Thambu Shihan (7th Dan) Nottingham Tour 2014

We are very pleased to announce that Joe Thambu Shihan (7th Dan : Our Chief Instructor) is coming to Nottingham again. He will be coming with Mark Hadiaja Sensei(4th Dan),head of the Shudokan Indonesia Dojo. They will be coming over on the dates and locations below. This is a fantasic opportunity to train with one of the best Yoshinkan aikido instructors in the world, and Joe Thambu Shihan is also our chief instructor of our Aikido organisation world wide. You will be getting the instructions from the true aikido with over 40 years of Aikido experience and a true “Aikidoka”. Just to give you the idea of who Joe Thambu Shihan is.. Here is the video of his demonstration in Japan at the 2005 Yoshinkan Embukai.

All classes are open class to all Yoshinkan Aikidoka and any Aikidoka. And self defence class is open to all general public and all martial artists alike. Joe Thambu shihan is world renowned for his self defence application of Aikido. So you can get the first hand experience and training of the self defence skills and restraint and removal skills.

If you are interested please book your place as soon as possible as the places are very limited for all venues. There are three different venues, so please let us know which particular one you are interested as well.

    • Emquiries @ : Tel 07843600645 or
  • Nottingham Tour Schedule

    • Nottingham Seminar : 20th Nov – 23rd Nov 2013
  • Location & Times

  • 20th Nov 2014 : Aikido Shohinkan Derby : 7pm – 8pm (Mark Hadiarja Sensei)

    Moorway Sports Complex
    Moorway Leisure Centre
    Moor Lane, Allenton
    DE24 9HY

  • 21st Nov 2014 : Aikido Shohinkan Derby : 7pm – 9pm (Mark Hadiarja Sensei)

    Moorway Sports Complex
    Moorway Leisure Centre
    Moor Lane, Allenton
    DE24 9HY

  • 22nd & 23rd Nov 2014 : Aikido Shoshinkan Nottingham : 10am – 4pm (Joe Thambu Shihan & Mark Hardiarja Sensei)

    Zanshin Dojo
    Sneinton Hermitage Community Centre
    NG2 4GN

  • Fees

    Nottingham Seminar : Early Bird Fees (Book Before 1st October )

  • Junior Class (Per 2 hour morning session) : £15 (£10 Early Bird)
  • Evening Class (Per Evening session) : £30 (£25 Early Bird)
  • Seminar Package (Only the seminar on 22nd and 23rd) : £90 (£70 Early Bird)
  • Seminar One day Package (One day either on 22nd and 23rd) : £50 (£40 Early Bird)
  • All inclusive Package (Seminar and all evening classes): £120 (£100 Early Bird)
  • To book your place for all the above packages please click on the registration below. And save your spot before its too late. Early Bird discount ends on 10th October 2014.

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