Visit to Eiryukan

Period: Dojo visit to Lincoln to Eiryukan!!

Date: 1st October 2011 : 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Place: Potterhansworth Road, Branston, Lincoln, LN4 1HX

Aikido Shoshinkan Juniors

Brief: This is a great opprtunity to train with another Yoshinkan dojo near Nottingham. Eiryukan is a dojo run by sensei Neville Coupland. He was a student of Ando Shihan in Japan, and he has had his dojo name after him. He was also a graduate of the infamous senshusei course, and spent a long time in Japan studying Aikido.

We have been invited by him for a short 2 hour session by him along with Stafford dojo headed by Jay Savery sensei. This is a great opportunity to train with people outside our dojo, and experience different styles of teaching and most of all have fun!


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