Self Defence Course – Starts 14th October 2010

Period : 5 week Course Thu 6:30 – 7:30pm, Starting 14/10/2010 ending 11/11/2010

Fee: £40

Brief : This is an introductory self defence course using Aikido concepts. Yoshinkan Aikido is often called the hard style for it’s more practical use of the applications and because of this effectiveness it is still used by the Japanese Riot Police today.

This course takes principles of Yoshinkan Aikido and puts them into practice to show how you can defend yourself on the streets in a controlled manner. It will take place at our Nottingham Dojo in Lenton for the limited number of 20 people.

The class is suitable for all ages and gender aged 18 and over . If you are interested in taking part please contact Shoshinkan by email or telephone to reserve your place.

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